Business skills through music

Gerald Wirth and the wirth music academy also provide workshops for businesses that want to engage in innovative team-building methods, elevate creative thinking, and communication among employees.

Making music together is the best way to strengthen cooperation, reliability, collectivity, and efficient communication. Singing together is easy. With the right instruction there is no requirement for previous experience. But it will turn a mere work group into a team that works together as a unit.

Past workshops

A workshop of this kind was held already a few years back as a joint team-building project for Schöllerbank in cooperation with the Vienna Boys Choir, in the course of which the investment department staff came together to sing on several evenings over the course of one month. The project was finalized with a CD recording of the employees’ choir, which was merged with recordings of the Vienna Boys Choir, and gifted to clients for Christmas.

End of August 2014 Gerald Wirth was holding a workshop for decision-makers from political and business backgrounds in Alpbach, Tyrol. The Alpine town is a popular congress centre for science, business, arts, and politics. The workshop saw the high-ranking participants singing together under direction of Gerald Wirth. The goal was to create a musical piece together in order to foster creative thinking by capitalizing innovative methods.