Pielachtal Summer Academy for Children

In a relaxed environment children can enjoy a week of high-quality singing and music while having lots of fun.

PSA offers children the premises and guidance to develop their voice and musical talent as well as the possibility to express their creativity through music. At our courses play and fun are integral parts of the learning process. These features give children important impulses for their individual, vocal and musical development.

As part of the plenary choir the young students sing together with adults and choir directors. They experience being a member of a grand mixed choir. In other sessions they practice as a group of similar ages and abilities to enable training at respective levels. Additionally, the children attend individual voice lessons and composition guidance.

The crowning finale concert at the end of the week includes repertoire of the plenary choir, as well as ensemble pieces, solos, duets, trios, and every remaining part worked on in the previous days.

Who can participate?

The workshop is suitable for young people from 8 years on. Experience beforehand is not required as we focus on building individual levels. Prerequisite is merely the love for music.

We provide

  • Choir singing
  • Ensemble singing
  • Individual voice training
  • Rhythm training
  • Musical and aural training
  • Vocal resonance training
  • Training of body awareness and breathing
  • Sight reading “prima vista”
  • Song composition

Besides the musical aspects we offer games, day-trips, the yearly bonfire, and daily arts and crafts. Together we build our own instruments, design wimac T-shirts, and learn Austrian folkdance.