Our vision

Every child can sing.

We believe that every child is genuinely musical. At the wirth music academy we work to develop musical talent that is internal to everyone, and to help singers of all ages discover what joy singing can give you!

Music is fun and contributes to the personal wellbeing. It is expression. Musical engagement builds self-esteem, decreases violent tendencies, and strengthens emotional stability, according to cognitive scientists.

Furthermore, musical activity is scientifically proven to benefit the development of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, particularly the areas of attention, reasoning, and language, thus improving overall academic performance and creativity.

Article by youth developmental psychologist Marilyn Price-Mitchell on the various intellectual and emotional benefits of practicing music.

Article by Psychology Department research specialist Lisa Chipongian on the impact of music education on brain function and academic performance.

Gerald Wirth in Guarico, Venezuela, invited by El Sistema – a project providing musical education for students from poor socio-economic backgrounds.

Music is a global language and a strong bridge across cultures. By approaching each other through musical experience cultural dialogue becomes artistic and easy. This aspect is deeply manifested in every concept of the wirth music academy and in our cultural projects all over the world.

Music consists of artistic and theoretical elements. To truly master the essence of music, we believe that all these aspects must be united in an integrative process of teaching and one set of skills be used to elevate the others.

How we work

The wirth music academy is an organization specialized on the vocal arts of music.

Our programs include intensive courses for:

  • Choir directors and conductors, as well as
  • Singers of all ages.

Besides our basis in Austria, we also offer intensive courses in other countries, such as China, Japan, India, Qatar, Venezuela, and France, and globally engage in music-cultural projects.

Our goal is to provide young people with the fundamentals of music and develop the potential of their voices. Visit the ‘Classes’ or ‘Projects and news’ sections for further information on our activities.

We are currently creating a wirth method e-learning program. This is essentially conceived as a digital pool of learning material for online use and download, featuring tutorial videos clips with Gerald Wirth, visual and auditory exercises to train rhythmical skills, reading scores, acoustic differentiation and ear trainings, physical exercises – all aspects of music theory and vocal arts. This course makes professional exchange and music education along the lines of the wirth method readily available to all, everywhere, and at all times.

Girl smiling

What makes us unique

All activities of the wirth music academy work with the ‘wirth method’ – an integrative approach to music.

Our Master Class students repeatedly complement the personal atmosphere and individual approach to training at wirth music academy workshops while we provide high-level music education.

This is possible with the integrative method we employ, as well as our international team of carefully selected music instructors and voice trainers.